Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The recent articles outlining the argument and plans for universal heath-care are really interesting.

1. It's good for American business

2. It works for everyone else

3. It would work here

4. Americans, even most Republicans, support it

This NEEDS to be a core plank of the Democratic party platform, and honestly I dont see why it isn't being championed by Democrats and Republicans alike (other than the campaign contributions from the more corrupt segments of the health care industry).

(These links are all from the last article, but Kevin Drum also has said a lot of good over the past few months (search for "health")

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mallard Fillmore

Dear Bruce Tinsley,

I enjoyed your series of Mallard Fillmore comics dated April 25th to April 28th, 2005, proclaiming that the wage gap between men and woman is non existent and merely a myth being perpetuated by those silly liberals, but I have been unable to locate your source for this statistic and was hoping you could give me a better link.

The asterisk in the comic strips attributes the statistic to column by John Leo dated March 21, 2005 -- but I just read that column and can't find any relevant information.

I found Leo's column online here:

Has Leo deleted the part of his column that you were referring to, or is there a paragraph I should take another look at?

I would love to use this statistic while arguing with those silly liberals, I just want to know what that statistic specifically says and it's source before I start citing it around town so I can avoid looking like a total jackass.

Please let me know.


Thursday, May 05, 2005

UK Elections/Sophia Sucks

So, like, I hear there is voting going on in Great Britain!

So far Labour is ahead, 6 to nothing!

And when I say 6 to nothing, I mean that for the very second I wrote this, for surely more seats will be announced within a matter of moments. P.S. British politics = hella weird! How's that for an informed opinion?

I am on the edge of my seat. Not out of excitement, but because that is just how I like to sit.

Anywho, maybe something more substantial later, but I doubt it. After all, I am a bit provincial and retarded. Also, in case anyone forgot, I hate freedom.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Michael Moore Is Fat, This Bitch Is Getting There

Well I'll be damned, in a case of hyperbolic importance the line between "guilty" and "not guilty" continues to blur.

Lets get the facts out on the table.

1. Because Sadaam Hussein gassed his own people does not make it right to torture prisoners of war. So spare me (and everyone else) that bullshit, it makes you sound like a lummox and nobody likes a lummox. Speaking of which,there was a Canadian study about children that said parents were more apt to pay attention to their non lummox children.

2. Gassing people is bad, very very bad.

3. Having photographs taken humiliating prisoners in pretty obscene ways is profoundly dumb.

4. None of this matters!

5. Lynndie England has a baby named Carter.

6. I am going to guess most of the braniacs who were featured so prominently in those MySpace worthy art pictures will probably be punished in some fashion.

7. But eh, it doesn't matter.

8. George W. Bush won the election.

9. This is not an issue to be argued about on the basis of party affiliation.

10. It's just fucked up, why can't you see that? Why doesn't it matter to you? Have you know souls? What is this, the time of Charlemange?

11. It's also time to realize (or admit, and admit loudly!) that not everyone in prison is guilty. Perhaps not even half, I don't know, I'm not their collective biographer. The point is, in my fragile liberal crafted mushy mind, if there is A CHANCE, a fleeting CHANCE that one person who was not guilty was somehow TORTURED then I'm feeling a little bit dirty.

12. Wait, all this bullshit happened like a year ago!

13. I am going to go obliterate hella girls now.


Hope is on the way

This shouldn't be happening. This shouldn't be happening. This shouldn't be happening.

Super Nationalistic Hindu Politics In India At The Turn Of The Century

Though a little blog run by some guy named "Atrios" (I think that is how it is spelled) has already mentioned this, Chuck Noblet is getting his own show! If done properly it'll be fantastique and I'm already wetting my proverbial drawers, as well as my literal ones.

A Note On Excessive Comments

God, stop commenting so much! I can't really handle reading the deluge of pseudo sophisticated amateur-amateur punditry sprinkled throughout the 3P comments section. There just comes a time when there is too much!

I think I'm going to go to a party this weekend for the sole purpose of finding a stuff-mate.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the Capitol Building right now. I'd like that a lot. And I'll tell you why. Cause if I was a fly I would be totally oblivious to these silly problems and these serious problems and to the pursuit of girls and to the pitfalls of higher education and all that stuff. Basically, all I'd be interested in is fucking girl flies and perhaps annoying humans and being totally crushed out on shit.

Educate yourselves, you smarty pantses.

Me oh my!

Are you fucking kidding me America?

Are you telling me THIS is more important than this and this and this and this and this?

Human interest stories are so interesting, even when I already saw Runaway Bride. Why are we so bound and determined to distract ourselves? Why do I ask these questions as if someone can answer? Why why why?

I hella hate America and freedom and am really bummed out my father and grandfather fought to protect this country cause I totally hate it and I want to move to France and eat Freedom Fries drenched in France sauce or whatever it is they eat over there.

Fuck this shit, as the scholars say.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What is the world coming to??

First of all, fuck Sean Hannity, that guy is a major schill doucebag if there ever was one, one of the most disgusting right-wing cheerleaders on TV.

But he and Alan Colmes were right to chastise Blank Panter honcho Malik Shabazz and his defense of Louis Farrakhan for their revolting anti-semitic remarks. Ugh, god I fucking hate people sometimes. What kind of mad world is it where i will actually agree with Sean Hannity? Why do you do this to me Malik? Why forge such an unholy alliance? Why be such a dipshit? Why compare your holocause to the Holocaust? Why is everyone so fucking eager to prove that they suffer more? And why do they do it in the most divisive bullshit riddled way possible? To Malik, this is all I can say.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Democracy Is On The March

Rhetorical bombs are fun to throw, so let me just say with COMPLETE earnestness that I am glad that handing over Iraq to the Iraqis AND the Iraqi elections have brought forth nothing short of everlasting peace.

Funnier than Laura Bush!

Though I do admit The First Lady is definitely my favorite member of the pedigreed Bush clan, I have a wonderful joke that is in no ways divisive that will most likely bring this country together once and for all.

What do you call two Neo-Conservatives making out in the back of a car?????

Find out!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Something Good George Bush did

Christ, typing title thingy up there was surreal. And I do understand that talk is cheap and that actions speak louder than words, but eh, whatev. In any case, good job George, I hope Bill Frist understands (wait, FUCK THAT GUY AND HIS DINKY WHITE HOUSE ASPIRATIONS AND YES I AM YELLING). I also hope that the Evangelicals will realize Bush isn't Jesus and just stop voting altogether and stop trying to force Shari'a on us.

Animation Domination

My verdict, there were a few good moments in an hours worth of the Simpsons, the Family Guy Episode was funny (except I'm not sure how all that Passion of the Christ stuff was topical), and American Dad is boring and weird and Family Guy lite. That is a first impression, I could be wrong, they could go wonderful places with it, but you know what, I'm a betting man and I am laying down the "American Dad Lasts One Season Tops" bet. You heard it here for probably the 80 millionth time.

There Are No Saints, No Patriots

Political songs can range from pretty fucking atrocious to hellof inspiring. In the interest of extra credit, I am sifting through my CD's in an attempt to create a cogent mix CD for one of my Professors. A political mix almost certainly means opposition, whether from the left or from the far left or from apathy. There is truly a dearth of decent Conservative leaning bands putting out worthwhile music. What the implications of that are, I don't particularly care.

So far, (and it has been like a minute and a half since I started mind you!) I've decided on "American Way" by Nas (legitamately once a master fucking word smith, Illmatic is such a great album, appropriately revered by hip hop geeks), "Baby, I'm An Anarchist!" by Against Me! (legitamtely one of the best frantic acoustic leaning bands ever with the exception of their last fairly hit or miss album), "Henry K" by the Ex (sorry post-punk fags, the Ex are consistently more entertaining in their droning way then the Fall), and "Jerusalem" by Mirah.

Punk Rock practically has a sub-genre of just political music. Anarcho-punks Propaghandi for instance can't contain themselves, their last album Todays Empires Tomorrows Ashes was a pretty amazing collection of songs (even the thrashier ones managed to hold my interst for once) and they have a pretty good track record of spot on rantings that are too radical for me ("Meat is still murder/Dairy is still rape") but head nod worthy and think thought worthy in any case. But for every Propaghandi there is an Anti-Flag, who God bless them, have their hearts in the right place, but are so obviously pulling their lyrics out of A People's History Of The United States and possibly something Noam Chomsky wrote on his napkin. Trust me, I've been there, the kids (at least 90%-and yes, this is hellof a scientific guess and I am right and I am right about everything except that Ratzinger wouldn't be Pope, but I actually did know that, I just didn't want to utter it and make it true but oh well!) at Anti-Flag shows DON'T GIVE A FUCK about their politics. Or they do in that really limited "Oppose everything in power" type way, which is hardly going to enact social change.

In this big mess of double time and three chords a whole host of bands exist that are more or less politically aware. Strike Anywhere are a band out of Virginia and more or less know their shit and aren't so dogmatic about their declarations of solidarity and their love of the living wage.

Good Riddance...Well, I usually don't like Good Riddance.

The Minutemen were very radical, very awesome, and very hard to pin down, musically or politically. They were around during the Reagan years, a political darkness that inspired punk bands like mushrooms after a rain (as George R.R. Martin ALWAYS says). Possible Minutemen songs for the mix are "The Politics of Time", "Joe McCarthy's Ghost", "Untitled Song For Latin America", "King Of The Hill" and probably hellf others that are escaping me. Speaking of the Minutemen, PLEASE PROTECT OUR BORDERS, THE BORDER PATROL NEEDS YOUR HELP AND THEY REALLY LIKE YOUR COMPANY (EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NOT REALLY A BORDER PATROL BUT A MESTIZO ESCORT SERVICE)

How clever some people are, how gosh darn clever.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy probably have a place on this mix as well. Perhaps "Capitalism Stole My Virginity". To be fair, we were totally leading capitalism on and capitalism was calling us a "tease" so you know, we had to give in or else facism would make fun of us at the political ideology playground. Perhaps "New Nails" by Mission of Burma. "Family Happiness" is a sweet draft dodging tune by one of the best bands of all time, the Mountain Goats.

An easy way out would just be picking up one of the nine million "Rock Against Bush" type compilations and pass it off as my own. But if some dipshit in my class reveals me in front of my love (she sits a couple rows ahead of me and is always drawing flowers on her notes-what a sweetie pie) I'd definitely be in trouble, and the timetable for my eventual victory over her loins will be inumberably set back. Considering how I haven't even talked to her yet, that's pushing it pretttttty fucking far back.

I am in love with the sound of my keyboard.

Suggestions welcome.