Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ban Adultery

I don't know why the gay-rights has been such a hot-button issue for me lately, but here we go again:

Between the hours of vomiting out of sheer disbelief, I was able to read through Dr. James Dobson's Eleven Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage.

This document does a nice job explaining specific arguments that the Religions Wrong uses to convince people to persecute gays. It is very worth reading just to understand where these people are coming from and the nature of the propaganda they are fed to make them so irrational.

As far as I can tell, the claim is that they aren’t opposed specifically to homosexuality. They are under the impression that gays are extra promiscuous by nature, and then go into details of why promiscuity is detrimental to our society.

Regardless of how bad promiscuity really is, they seem to be forgetting just what Marriage is, specifically a PROMISE to NOT be promiscuous. If gay people are going to exist, why not let them make a promise to avoid doing exactly what Dobson claims is their reason for being so horrible??

Wouldn’t Dobson’s agenda be better served by pushing for a constitutional amendment to ban adultery, rather than banning gay marriage (since all the problems Dobson describes are problems he sees with promiscuity, regardless of if it is between a man and a woman or two people of the same sex).

As a side note, I am amused by the endless references Dobson makes to "studies" and "known facts" without actually saying what these studies or facts are. I have a sneaky suspicion that they just don't exist.


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