Friday, February 11, 2005

Reaching Republicans - an update

Regarding the ideas on abortion and birth control from my last post, it looks like NARL today is backing me up on this one. [hat tip to Drum]

Also about my last post, I've changed my mind on one thing:
After some discussion on Kos, I'll back the ACLU on fighting the term "under god"'s being in the pledge of allegiance. As an atheist I don't worry to much about such symbols, but my integrity is the most important thing I have and if I'm making a pledge to something, it better be the truth. In making a pledge "under god" I would be a liar.
Plus, the words "Under God" weren't even part of the pledge until the 50's when they were inserted to distinguish us from the evil god-less communists during the cold-war, a cause that has passed.

But I still think we can win support for the ACLU from conservatives based on cases where The ACLU fights for all peoples rights, and not just those of liberals.

Some examples from Kos (sorry I don't have links to primary sources, but nobody reads this blog anyway so who cares):

It was the ACLU that defended the right of young girls to distribute candy canes with Bible verses attached at Christmastime before school, when the school tried to stop them.

...the ACLU defended a teen's right to have her have the entry of a bible passage in the school yearbook.

Some might still denounce the ACLU specifically for the "Under God" thing the same way some people cast their vote in the presidential vote specifically on the abortion issue, but I think we can win some of the more rational thinkers here.


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