Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What is the world coming to??

First of all, fuck Sean Hannity, that guy is a major schill doucebag if there ever was one, one of the most disgusting right-wing cheerleaders on TV.

But he and Alan Colmes were right to chastise Blank Panter honcho Malik Shabazz and his defense of Louis Farrakhan for their revolting anti-semitic remarks. Ugh, god I fucking hate people sometimes. What kind of mad world is it where i will actually agree with Sean Hannity? Why do you do this to me Malik? Why forge such an unholy alliance? Why be such a dipshit? Why compare your holocause to the Holocaust? Why is everyone so fucking eager to prove that they suffer more? And why do they do it in the most divisive bullshit riddled way possible? To Malik, this is all I can say.


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