Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Michael Moore Is Fat, This Bitch Is Getting There

Well I'll be damned, in a case of hyperbolic importance the line between "guilty" and "not guilty" continues to blur.

Lets get the facts out on the table.

1. Because Sadaam Hussein gassed his own people does not make it right to torture prisoners of war. So spare me (and everyone else) that bullshit, it makes you sound like a lummox and nobody likes a lummox. Speaking of which,there was a Canadian study about children that said parents were more apt to pay attention to their non lummox children.

2. Gassing people is bad, very very bad.

3. Having photographs taken humiliating prisoners in pretty obscene ways is profoundly dumb.

4. None of this matters!

5. Lynndie England has a baby named Carter.

6. I am going to guess most of the braniacs who were featured so prominently in those MySpace worthy art pictures will probably be punished in some fashion.

7. But eh, it doesn't matter.

8. George W. Bush won the election.

9. This is not an issue to be argued about on the basis of party affiliation.

10. It's just fucked up, why can't you see that? Why doesn't it matter to you? Have you know souls? What is this, the time of Charlemange?

11. It's also time to realize (or admit, and admit loudly!) that not everyone in prison is guilty. Perhaps not even half, I don't know, I'm not their collective biographer. The point is, in my fragile liberal crafted mushy mind, if there is A CHANCE, a fleeting CHANCE that one person who was not guilty was somehow TORTURED then I'm feeling a little bit dirty.

12. Wait, all this bullshit happened like a year ago!

13. I am going to go obliterate hella girls now.


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