Friday, February 11, 2005


I just caught Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz on C-Span giving a token speech about Foriegn Policy.

Whenever I see his esteemed boss Donald Rumsfeld talk I roll my eyes and think of what a complete and utter moron he is.

Wolfowitz seems to be the Cheney to Rumsfeld's Bush. He speaks better, is quicker on his feet (forgetting that deplorable episode where he didn't even know how many US soliders had died in a war that he was the principle architect of), and seems vastly more intelligent than Donald. I wonder if the Force Rumsfeld To Resign Petitions that are floating around in left of center inboxes should be required to add to the list Paul Wolfowitz. In my mind he is far more dangerous.

I'm still not quite sure how neo-conservatism is supposed to be an evolution of Trotskyism (permanent revolution by invading countries?), but I am sure that after Bush finishes out his second term Republicans won't be able to dump the neo-con (neo-cons hate it when you call them neo-cons!) bunch fast enough. But that's in four years.

I can't even fathom what harm can be done.

But as far as good news goes in the world, FINALLY, something that is worth celebrating over.

Howard Dean will be (barring anything crazy) elected Chairman of the DNC tomorrow. This my friends is a good start.

And don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Yet.


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