Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My Favorite Thing Ever. . .

...is when I hear Republican Congressman talk about the smashing success of the Iraqi elections! And when they say "Shiite", "Sunni", and "Kurd" and you can see the internal struggle to remember which group believes what and which group lives where in the country (and then their subsequent refusal to admit they are intermingled at all!), and even how those terms can be called misnomers, as the vast majority of Kurds are "Sunni" themselves.

Where were these Congressmen and pundits and radio blowhards during the long hot 90's? I don't remember any of them wailing about the injsutices being done to the Iraqi people.

I'm not trying to villify Republicans and leave Democrats alone.

Democrats obviously didn't need to loudly complain about Iraq during the 90's. They had 8 years of relative easygoing, with the exception of you know, murder conspiracies, NAFTA, the Contract with America, Whitewater, Waco, and this thing I keep hearing about, interns and cum stained dresses along with witch hunts that would make the people of Salem blush.

So, really, very few people gave a fuck for a long time, and suddenly everyone cares.

How phony is that? It is phony like the numerous ignored murders that aren't enough to captivate us like Laci and Scott did. It is phony like Rush Limbaugh and his vitriolic drug abuse comments coming back to haunt him. It is phony like my Irish accent, phony like people who switch from Puddle Of Mudd to Xiu Xiu at the approrpriate date, and phony like Sean Hannity existing.

Just remember. These are people in Iraq, real living breathing people. Don't pretend they are your best fucking friends because it is for some reason written onto the party platform.

This election is a step in the right direction. But save the wild applause.

Fucking bitches, I swear.


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