Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Years

I went to a strange New Years party a few days ago. Not strange in the Doctor Strange sense, or in the, "I really don't like all these strange Persians" sense, though there were many Persians in attendence, and I would frankly be surprised if at least a few of them weren't strange. I brought Joey and his girlfriend, who argued a lot, which was unpleasant and awkward. The older Persian folks laughed and danced and were Persian. The second group consisted of multi-ethnic teens and twentysomethings, many of whom had never met one another, at least face to face (MySpace you'll be the death of my entire generation). Finally there was quite a large contingent of little children running around, they were always underfoot.

High lights include weird cameos by Jeff Martin, David Davis, Jeremy Ventuso, Mike Yakel, and David Leventhal. The plethora of food should also be mentioned, and Shereen's amazing tap dancing skills. Watching a clash of cultures in progress is infinitely easier with tapping involved. Which is why they should keep a tap dancer on the West Bank at all times, assuming people still think that is a culture clash worthy of tapping (I don't, really).

The countdown was abrupt and none of the kids got trashed. I was tired as hell and only half enjoying myself. My suiteheart was the hostess and didn't have much time for me. On the other hand, she is pretty. So it is all gravy, as they say.

The party culminated with me giving her mom the gangsta handshake, the apex of which being the "pounding of the rock". It certainly showed me how cool she was, though apparently to her I am "shy" and "insecure" and she fears for me, fears that her daughter will end up playing with my emotions and ultimately breaking my heart. That is funny on more levels than I'd like to get into on Three P.

By the way, during the countdown someone started chanting "Four more years! Four more years!" and I was like, "Yeah, four more years of Bush and Iran will be in real good shape you crazy cocksucker!"

Actually, I only said that in my mind.

Where I say a lot of things.

At the strike of midnight I called a lot of people to wish them a glorious 2005. I called in no particular order Bob, Avi, David, Daniela, Natalie, Veronica, Michelle, Jake, Max, Clare, Richard, Andrea, pretty much anybody who is anybody in my life. With the exception of Mike, cause I hate him now. I hate him like Hutus hate Tutsis. I hate him like the Replacements hate Public Image Ltd.


At 8:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Rachel, I just didn't feel like signing up for an account. The message is as follows:

Having been at the party and knowing what I now know this entry is particularly humorous.


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