Sunday, January 02, 2005


Bad day for members of the House of Representatives past and present.

Bob Matsui and Shirley Chisolm both passed on from this existence and are now wherever we go when our bodies stop being alive, which I suspect is the same place caribous and spiders go after they die.

Bob Matsui endured the wrongful (unless your name is Michelle Malkin) internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, an act which continues to tarnish Franklin Roosevelt to this very day. He rose above all that bullshit to become a member of the House and was apparently ready and willing to fight Bush, Republicans, and the chickenshit Democrats on their brilliant Privatization of Social Security plan. He will be missed.

Chisolm was the first African American woman voted to the House and that was only one of the amazing things she did with her life. The anecdote that chokes me up was during the 1972 Presidential Primaries right after arch-segregationist George Wallace was shot and she visited him in the hospital despite knowing it would create a controversy among her followers, most of whom loathed Wallace. She told him quite simply that she didn't care what people said, that she didn't want what happened to him to happen to anybody. The was the man who once chanted to cheering white constiuents "Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever!" He looked at her, and in her own words, "he cried and cried".


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