Sunday, December 26, 2004

The P Manifesto

God, politics sure is annoying! The pandering, the slime, the rhetoric that ranges from completely empty to mostly empty, the apologists, the hacks, the needless vitriol, the lack of anything resembling actual debate, the sloppy Machiavellian manuvering, the impassioned pleas of men and women (but mostly men, white men, tall white men) desperately lying and half truthing their way into power.

Likewise, parties are annoying as well. I can't tell you how many ways parties can be lame. There is the rowdy party full of homies and the average gang of sluts who don't know shit about anything, those are annoying. But then there are the snobby intelligenisa parties where people start lecturing me on existentialism and I have to interupt and say, "Excuse me, how old are you? I'm happy you enjoyed your Intro to Philosophy class so well, but I'm trying to drink this bitch beer." And there are countless variety of other lame parties. Frat parties. Halloween parties. Toga parties. Birthday parties. XBOX parties. Magic: The Gathering Parties. Green Parties.

As for pussy. Well don't you hate it when it is all dry and shit? God, at least pretend to be pleased I'm in your proverbial house. God damn!

Regardless of the undue hostility towards the three P's, that is what this blog will be about, for the most part. In other news, I am Dangerous. Dangerous like a fox!

Dead fox.


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