Sunday, December 26, 2004


The headlines are obviously dominated by the massive disaster to strike Southeast Asia. On Christmas of all days. The last death toll I saw estimated about 67,000 (and climbing) people lost their lives, numbers smashing those of 9/11. That is not to say I am saying this disaster was worse than 9/11, or vice versa, depending on where you are standing plausible cases for both could be made. But why would you want to make plausible cases for which tragedy was more tragic?

This isn't about comparing cocks, this is about people being alive and people being dead. It's about homes standing and homes obliterated. It's about families being together one night and suddenly every thing is shattered, forever, because of God's whimsies. Or whatever new fangled science-y term the "evolutionists" are calling it these days.

Frankly I'm sorry I even mentioned 9/11, as it had nothing to do at all with all that massive ground shaking. But it is inevitable that people (at least Americans) will from now on compare every massive death list to 9/11. I hear it in the way people now describe Pearl Harbor. "Oh it was bad. But did you know on September 11th, about a thousand more people died?" Good God man, who cares? What was it Stalin told Churchill? "One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic?" Well, Joe Stalin sure was glib when it came to glossing over murder, but people these days are no less willing to blind themselves to what goes on all around the world, every day.

I am not saying massive terrorist attacks on the scale of 9/11.

I am not saying huge earthquake/tsunami/tidal wave monstrosities that destroy sleepy Indian villages and Southeast Asian huts and leave thousands of orphans.

I am talking about the smaller tragedies that pile up and accumulate and become things like the Rwandan Genocide because people who know better do nothing. Or the massive incarceration of petty drug offenders in jail today because we can only talk about being tough on crime for so long before resorting to meaningless arrests. Corporate criminals are given carte blanche nine times out of ten, except in those rare cases were the fiends are so drastically sloppy and inept that the media has no choice to but go for the gullet. But then again, we work for the state right? It doesn't work for us. As much as we want it to.

Politicians, the "grown ups who should know better", are in some way I can't understand, either unwilling or unable to do anything about these fundamental things. And if is the former then they are cowards and if it is the latter they are just not up to the task. I hate to say this in such blanket terms, and so vaguely to boot, but listen.

There is a reason that so many people were in tears the day after the election.

It is because this isn't a FUCKING FOOTBALL GAME.

And I feel like it is. I feel like if George Bush ran the country as well as his reelection campaign was run we would be living in an idyllic lollipop land and I would have eight wives and a moderate to large selection of cattle. But unfortunately the Bush administration (though I'd like to point out they are not the only source of my concern, there is plenty of outrage to be spread around, trust me) has continually proved me wrong regarding how far they could bend the rules without the whole system spiraling out of control.

Alberto Gonzales at the Justice Department? Do a quick google search to see what Alberto has said about torture and see if you can still defend his pudgy ass. But then again, he is Hispanic!

People are quick to point out that a lot of this is needless naysaying, partisan hackery, doomsday-esque ideas, lacking in substance and style. That's fine. They are allowed to doubt every word. It doesn't matter to me. I doubt as well. I doubt almost everything. But the thing that rankles me are these people postulating such inanities as "Oh, it's never happened before, thus it can never happen."

What a wretched line of thinking. That one is right up there with "If astrology is fake how come so many people believe in it?" Whoa whoa Professor, you got me! If a lot of people believe it, it must certainly be true.

What in essence I am saying, is that we, as a people, are beholden, to give a fuck about things. We don't have to all give a fuck to the extent of writing bullshit blogs, or donating money to the ACLU or whatever it is all the politically motivated people do. Give a shit about this world. This is the only one we have. The only one we are ever going to have. And people in Utah and North Dakota should care as much as people in Massachusetts and California. Because Red State or Blue State this is THE ONLY GODDAMN WORLD AVAILABLE until Bush's plan to terra farm Mars comes to fruition. Since I'm not placing bets on how long that will take to even be mentioned again publicly, let alone funded, I will just continue to plead with the world, one person at a time.

Politics is dumb. Maybe it always will be. I don't know, I'm not a prophet.

So this rambling mess really had two points.

The first is to say that death on a large scale (any scale really) is a terribly sad thing, whether instigated by nature (earthquakes) or nurture (terrorism). I hope people recognize this at some point in their short, fleeting lives.

The second is that we need to force the politicians to grow testicles or we need to get rid of them. What is their use if they won't stand up for us? Why aren't there a hundred thousand people in every country around the world trying to figure out how to fix this world? And I don't mean activists, I mean the people in charge, the people who can actually make a goddamn difference. People in ties with big salaries.

And if there are people who's primary duties are to fix shit, who the fuck is cockblocking them? These are the things I want to know. These are the things we must know, so we can ameliorate this problem. Cause the status quo reigns supreme and I haven't liked the status quo of the last 4 years at all. I really haven't ever liked it, but it is becoming intolerable now. In the words of Sage Francis, the most punk rock rapper ever (or perhaps he is more "rapmo" though I hesitate to write that horrible amalgam of words) "It isn't a love it or leave it, it's a change it or lose it."

Amen my tubby MC, amen.


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