Sunday, December 26, 2004

As For Me

As Rupert already mentioned, my name is Alex, and he did indeed make out (or something akin to that at least, probably involving meowing and other such animal noises) with my ex-girlfriend last night. This makes him only the second or third of my friends to make out with my former significant others. Thus, I am not very surprised, or hurt, especially since as least he had the decency (much like the esteemable though curiously Conservative leaning Dsquared) to own up to his shenanigans.

We were all at a party once. Rupert gave her a massage. I should have seen it coming, but clearly my mind was on other things. The upcoming election probably. I would have let Avi make out with every girl I had ever so much as laid eyes on if the American public had been good enough to elect John Kerry to become the 44th President of the United States. Unfortunately, they didn't, and gay marriage is still illegal!

Gay marriage, as we all know, is a social inevitability. I'm not claiming I'll be around when it finally becomes legal in all fifty states (only a measly Forty Nine left!), but when it does people are going to be mightily ashamed of their past affiliation. Even the people who tried to foist Civil Unions on us. This includes Democrats and Republicans alike. Civil Unions for gay couples is a sweet idea, and incrimentally better than having no legal recognition of course, but this is a method to achieving a greater goal, not the end in and of itself. I assure you most folks who championed things like "states rights" in the 60's are now scrambling for cover. African Americans now have equal rights under the law (at least nominally), and it is about time for people to heed John F. Kennedy's carefully scripted words and realize that gay marriage is not a legal issue, it is a moral issue.

To put it simply, all men are not created equal. "Seperate but equal" treatment of gays and lesbians is not going to cut it anymore. And the time will come when the majority of the American public will realize this, will realize that Civil Rights should apply to all Americans, regardless of who they like banging behind closed doors.

Come on. This isn't fucking rocket science. This isn't even fucking algebra. This is simple goddamn arithmetic.

I shouldn't be surprised though. This is the country that is constantly sucking the electoral college's dick and extolling the virtues of heartland America as somehow superior to anyone who happens to live by water (excluding of course Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida, and all the rest of those watery "red states" I don't care to type out, they are alright!)

In conclusion, on the day when good finally triumphs over evil (at worst, miseducation at best, brainwashing in the middle), I will smile knowingly, and resume doing whatever it is I am doing, which will probably be doing hella curls at the gym.

This rant was inspired by Rupert, because he is totally a gay-gay.


At 6:00 AM, Blogger Avi said...

Great points! I really am a gay-gay!

But lets not forget that Kerry himself came out against gay marriage (though at least he had the balls to support civil unions throughout his campaign, unlike Bush who symbolically approved it at the very end despite pressing on with the constitutional ban that would have made such a rule not mean a thing anyway)

I would have LOVED it if someone at that final presidential debate were to ask something like "Mr President, can you please clearly explain why gay marriages should be illegal and how they are harmful to us and our country?" -- it would be fun to hear Kerry explain this one too, and would clarify if he really honestly is against them or was only pretending to be to appease Jesus-Country voters... If they wouldn’t have avoided the question that is. I haven't seen anything to suggest that Kerry really wants to see gay people get married, but we all seem to think he's into that because we are, cognitive dissonance may be at work...

At 6:08 AM, Blogger Freudian Crip said...

I definitely don't condone Kerry's weak position on the gay marriage issue, but I have a strong suspicion that Kerry the President would have been far stronger than Kerry the candidate. He is a Catholic after all, and I know those papists enjoy nothing more than sodomy.


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